How to prepare Geography for civil services

Preparation strategy for geography for civil services examination

Geography Strategy
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Considering geography as a purely conceptual subject we are going to discuss the approach for preparation, sources that we should give priority to and the topics that we should get a full understanding of. In this articles we have tried to help you in coming up with an efficient plan for geography. You suggestions are welcome.

Choose your Sources

Primary resources :

  1. Ms. Rajtanil lectures on (
  2. Certificate Physical and Human Geography : G C Leong
  3. NCERT XI (Fundamentals of Physical Geography)
  4. NCERT XI (India : Physical Environment)
  5. NCERT XII (Fundamentals of Human Geography)
  6. NCERT XII (India People and Economy)
  7. Oxford Student Atlas for India

The top level division for geography can be as follows :

  • Fundamental Physical Geography
  • Indian Physical Geography
  • Fundamental Human Geography
  • Indian Human Geography
  • Map Work

What for Fundamental Physical Geography

  1. The Earth : Evolution and Structure
  2. Geomorphic Process : Exogenic and Endogenic forces
  3. Landforms : Land and Ocean
  4. Atmosphere : Structure, composition, air circulation, weather
  5. Ocean water movement
  6. World Climate

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